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For Your Personal Growth

Client’s needs and wellbeing lie at the heart of my practice. I offer individualised support through the integration of a variety of therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and a psychodynamic approach. For the most part I work from relational perspective. This means that our working relationship could be an outlet for relationships outside of the therapeutic room. I believe that by talking you will be able to gain insight into your own emotional experiences and address a number of issues.
A fern is an unassuming plant generally found in marginalised habitats. It produces beautiful leaves in rich greens from just a few nutrients. I see this is poignant; like the fern, not everyone has been fortunate enough be nurtured and grow up in the best possible environment; yet we all have been able to do the best we can with what we have been given. You may be looking to improve your well-being or to deal with your difficult past.
Up until now, you will have dealt with many issues in your life; maybe it is time to deal with the ongoing difficult ones too. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is an important part of the healing process. I offer non-judgmental support.

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